Insurances & Finances

Dr. Ostler’s office is well aware of the impact that quality dental treatment can have on the budget. We understand that one of the toughest discussions to have today is related to the costs associated with medical and dental care. We are therefore pleased to offer a variety of payment options to make quality dental care affordable so that this issue won’t keep you from enjoying the health and peace of mind you need and deserve.

If you have any further questions after reviewing our financial information and policies, please contact our dental office directly and speak to one our experts at 509-946-6566.

  • Variety of payment options available
  • We can tailor our payment options to best fit your situation
  • 5% discounts to our senior patients and our patients who pay ahead of time with cash
  • No interest loan options available
  • Cigna Preferred Provider
  • Most major insurance plans accepted
  • We accept Care Credit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • We will prepare all necessary paperwork and prepare your claim for submission to the insurance company

Since insurance is not a “pay-all”, it seldom happens that insurance is meant to pay for all dental care. Therefore, we will do our best to help you maximize your insurance benefits, and otherwise help you to properly value and receive appropriate and necessary care in a manner that is fiscally responsible and represents sound health related judgment. (Read the special report on How Insurance Works)