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State-of-The-Art Practice
  • State-of-the-art digital x-rays (lower dose, better diagnosis)
  • Digital intra-oral cameras (so you can see what we see)
  • Laser dentistry and gum treatments(better, safer care)
  • Bacterial DNA and genetic analysis
  • iPod and/or headphones for your use
Learn MorePayment Plans
Easy Payment Plans
  • We can tailor our payment options to best fit your situation
  • Discounts to our senior patients and our patients who pay ahead of time with cash
  • No interest loan options available. We accept Care Credit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Insurance Providers
Insurance Providers
  • Accept, bill and work with nearly all dental insurance carriers
  • Preferred providers for Cigna
  • Experts with helping you utilize the benefits available to you
Smile Makeover
Smile Makeover Gallery
  • Dr. Lee Ostler is Tri-Cities DreamMakeover Dentist
  • Dr. Ostler is a LVI Trained Dentist who is the author of "The 21 Principles of Smile Design" - Preview Book
  • Give your smile the picture perfect look of confidence, beauty and health!

Sedation Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry
  • Pain-free and anxiety-free dentistry
  • Years of dental treatments in one or two dental visits
  • Also offering nitrous oxide
Heart Disease
Oral-Systemic connection
  • Gum disease is linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, and pregnancy complications
  • Lower heart disease risk factors by having healthy gums
TMJ / Headache Treatment
  • Migraines and tension headaches can be a result of bite and jaw problems
  • Stabilizing tense muscles and balancing jaw support may very well end your search for relief and reliance on drugs
Snoring & Sleep Apnea
  • Modern oral appliance therapy can now help reposition the jaw to open the airway and provide a more restful nights sleep
  • Oral appliances offer a CPAP alternative

Dr. Lee Ostler is the best dentist! I feel he really cared about me and my problems. I am very happy with the dental work and how my smile and teeth look. I have had a problem with severely sore neck muscles and headaches which has improved shortly after my dental work was finished.
I have had sore neck muscles since my early 20s. Headaches would become so bad that I would be sick for a couple days, particularly when I traveled. I often required pain medication, especially when traveling. Headaches became worse, occurring 2 to 3 times per week and would last for days.
During some ‘routine’ dental care I asked Dr. Ostler to remove three older gold crowns. In doing so we found silver fillings hidden under them. It never occurred to me that these old fillings could be interacting with the gold to produce problems for my teeth and to my body. Shortly after these older crowns were replaced I noticed that my neck pain and headaches had dramatically improved. I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Ostler.
–Sandra A.

My wife and I are all about quality and customer service. We are more than willing to pay a little more for the best. That is what Dr. Ostler and his practice are about. Dr. Ostler is talented, thorough, professional, meticulous, caring and a good man. I would highly recommend him for your dental health and smile.–Paul Mayer

My past experiences with dentists has not been pleasant. However, Dr. Ostler was recommended from some of his very satisfied patients. After further research, I knew Dr. Ostler’s expertise, knowledge, skill and new technology was what I was looking for. He got me right in and knew immediately what the problem was and fixed it. I am so relieved and excited because for the first time in years my teeth are comfortable and feel like they belong in my mouth. I was amazed that there was no pain during or after my procedures. I have always been nervous, but now I’m much more relaxed about going to the dentist. I have such confidence and peace-of-mind since Dr. Ostler fixed my teeth. With each visit I’ve noticed how perfect they have felt compared to the way they were before. I believe who you choose to be your dentist can make a very big difference in your overall dental experience and outcome. I would definitely recommend modern dental care. It’s better for your health, looks more natural, is kinder, and lasts longer. After all these years, finding Dr. Ostler has been such a blessing. He treated me with respect and professionalism, and his ability to make your teeth feel great and look beautiful is amazing.–Gina Carey

I would recommend the implant procedure to anyone. I had very little discomfort and the end result was beautiful. Dr. Ostler is an Artist. My friend who chose dentures is still having trouble with eating and sore spots.–Sue Dodge

Dr. Ostler is an extremely conscientious dentist. He leaves nothing to chance and is exceptionally precise in every step of each process. His staff are all competent, friendly and very considerate, they put me at ease from the first moment. This has positively affected my abilities and confidence in business settings. I especially enjoy eating foods again that I haven’t enjoyed for a long time. At social events I no longer refuse foods prepared by friends and relatives because my teeth can’t handle them. Because of my pretty smile, and my ability to eat without worry, my confidence in public and with others has dramatically increased. My heart-felt thanks to you Dr. Ostler!–Patty Squire

Dr. Ostler and his staff have been exemplary in their service and meeting our needs.–Bettie Jones

I recently moved out of the area. After eleven months I just had my first teeth cleaning, examination and x-rays this week with my new dentist. Everything was perfect! Both the dentist and the hygienist commented on the fine work that had been done on my teeth. I know the treatment and advice I received from you and your office is responsible. Thanks–Walt K.

If all the shots at the dentist went this easy I wouldn't be so nervous to go to the dentist. My biggest source of anxiety was the pain of injection - when Dr. Ostler gives me an injection I can barely feel it - there's no pain at all.–D.H.

...Dr. Ostler did a wonderful job. Now I not only have a comfortable bite, but beautiful teeth.–Carole Lehfeldt

I moved to the Tri Cities just after I had major cosmetic dental treatment on my front teeth. I was quite disappointed with the results, and my teeth were very uncomfortable. The crowns were too big and did not blend esthetically with my other teeth. I then met Dr. Ostler and was impressed with his professionalism and honesty. He provided me with information of what I could achieve with cosmetic correction. His expertise and knowledge in the most recent dental technology developments were remarkable. He replaced my crowns with more natural looking porcelain veneers that truly reflected the beauty and image I was looking for. My self image and confidence have been restored and I am so thankful to have found Dr. Ostler and his helpful staff. Dr. Ostler is a truly remarkable man and is a dentist with an incredible talent for helping people smile again. Thank you!–Tina M.

I particularly appreciate Dr. Ostler's forthright comments and recommendations.–D.M. Carmichael